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Welcome to the online arm of Digital Humanities for Librarians by Emma Annette Wilson for Rowman & Littlefield. Some librarians are born to digital humanities, some grow into digital humanities, and some have digital humanities thrust upon them. If you are a librarian or a student of library and information sciences, and find yourself in one of these positions, or if you are a humanities student seeking to use digital approaches in your work, Digital Humanities for Librarians is intended to be your introductory guide to this field, and this website gives you a range of more interactive resources to help you to begin your own digital humanities ventures. Below you'll see a quick guide to the site. 

Thanks for reading Digital Humanities for Librarians, and I wish you all the very best in your own digital humanities pursuits – stay in touch!

Dr. Emma Annette Wilson

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  • “Digital Humanities Projects” gives you easy access to all of the projects mentioned in Digital Humanities for Librarians.

  • “Resources” includes links to tools and training guides for all the different digital humanities methods discussed, from metadata to digital archives, exhibitions and databases, mapping, text encoding with TEI, music encoding with MEI, and text analysis.

  • “Meet the DH Community” shares videos from librarians, faculty, and students engaged in digital humanities projects (thanks to all involved!).

  • “Your DH Adventures” gives you the chance to let me know about your digital humanities work.

  • “Blog” here, from time to time, I’ll post updates about my new digital humanities work and answers to common questions from you.

  • “Consultation” is where you can get in touch with me for support with programmatic or institutional digital humanities strategies, vision, and implementation.

Home: About Me
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