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The following is a list of every digital humanities project discussed in Digital Humanities for Librarians. It is simply alphabetical, as the projects are already grouped thematically within the textbook, but I encourage you to browse this list to gain a sense of the kaleidoscope of digital work being done in the humanities.

Ainsworth, David, ed. The Edifice Project.

Appel, Bernhard R., and Joachim Veit, eds. Beethovens Werkstatt.

Bentham Project. Transcribe Bentham. University College, London.

Briggs, Ward, ed. Database of Classical Scholars. American Philological Association, Rutgers University.

Burkhardt, Anne Schlabach and Fred Burkhardt, project originators, James A. Secord, director, and Alison Pearn, associate director. Darwin Correspondence Project.

Busa, Roberto, originator, Eduardo Bernot and Enrique Alarcón, web writers. Index Thomisticus. 2005.

Cohen, Dan, Geoffrey Rockwell, and Tim Hitchcock, eds. Data Mining With Criminal Intent. The Digital Humanities Institute, University of Sheffield.

Cordell, Ryan, and David A. Smith, eds. Viral Texts: Mapping Networks of Reprinting in 19th-Century Newspapers and Magazines. 2017.

Digital Scholarship Group, Northeastern University Library. “Viral Texts”.

Emory University. Slave Voyages.

Folsom, Ed, and Kenneth M. Price, eds. The Walt Whitman Archive.

Foltmann, Niels Bo, Axel Teich Geertinger, Peter Hauge, Niels Krabbe, Bjarke Moe, Elly Bruunshuus Petersen, eds. Catalogue of Carl Nielsen’s Works.

Kelly, Jill, ed. Voices of SMU Oral History Project. DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University. 2018-present.

King, Lindsay, and Peter Leonard, eds. Robots Reading Vogue. Yale University Library.

Lawton, Christopher, ed. Georgia Virtual History Project.  

Library of Congress. Revelations from the Russian Archives June 15-July 16, 1992.

Lilly Library, University of Indiana. 4000 Years of Miniature Books.

Luxon, Tom, ed. Milton Reading Room.

Nelson, Rob, and Justin Ayers, directors. American Panorama.

Newman, William R., ed. The Chymistry of Isaac Newton. 2006.

Northeastern University. “Women Writers Project”.

Olsen-Smith, Steven, Peter Norberg, and Dennis C. Marnon, eds. Melville’s Marginalia.

Pionke, Albert, and Emma Annette Wilson, eds. Mill Marginalia Online.

Pleasants, Heather, director. Black Belt 100 Lenses, Alabama Digital Humanities Center.

Rare Books and Manuscripts Library, Ohio State University. The King James Bible Virtual Exhibit. (2013).

Shemek, Deanna, Anne MacNeil, and Daniela Ferrari, eds. IDEA: Isabella D’Este Archive.

Spears, Ellen Griffiths, ed. To See Justice Done: Letters from the Scottsboro Boys Trials. 2015.

University of South Carolina, Center for Digital Humanities. SnowVision.

University of Southern California Libraries. Black Britons in USC Archives and Special Collections.

University of South Carolina Libraries. Nuremberg Chronicle.

Welliver, Phyllis, ed. Sounding Tennyson.

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