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This section of the site introduces you to a range of people working in digital humanities projects. Contributors include librarians from a variety of areas from digital humanities and digital scholarship to metadata, liaison, and special collections, as well as archivists, specialists in Library and Information Science and Museum Studies, faculty members from disciplines spanning English, History, Modern Languages, and Music, and student collaborators who have worked on projects either for class or for their own research and scholarship. 

Each contributor is someone whose work I have personally encountered and learnt a tremendous amount from, and I am honoured to introduce you to them here. My deep gratitude to everyone who has generously contributed their time and energy in these videos, and I hope their experience and words of wisdom may encourage you to start out on your own digital humanities adventures. If you do, and you enjoy it, please do get in touch with me – I’d love to hear about what you are doing, and to be of help if I can, and I may just ask you to contribute a video of your own for future readers along the road.

Happy watching!

Meet The People Of DH: About Me

"The Stories They Tell" Exhibit And Digital Humanities

Professor Juilee Decker, Associate Professor of Museum Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology, discusses her work in digital humanities.

Meet The People Of DH: Video

Librarians and Digital Humanities Education and Projects: Laurie N. Taylor and Hélène Huet

Dr. Laurie N. Taylor, Chair of Digital Partnerships and Strategies, and Dr. Hélène Huet, European Studies Librarian, at the George A. Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida, discuss their engagement in digital humanities including establishing the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate at the University of Florida and the Digital Library of the Caribbean (

Meet The People Of DH: Video

Librarians and Digital Humanities Projects: Rhonda Marker, Director of Shared University Services at Rutgers University

Meet The People Of DH: Video

Presenting IDEA: Art, Music, Letters, and Fashion in the Renaissance Court of Isabella D'Este

The Co-Directors of IDEA. Isabella D'Este Archive, Professor Deanna Shemek (University of California, Irvine), and Professor Anne MacNeil (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), along with their team of collaborators, discuss their innovative NEH-funded digital humanities project, IDEA

Meet The People Of DH: Video

Mill Marginalia Online Digital Humanities Project Director, Albert Pionke

Professor Albert Pionke of the Department of English at the University of Alabama discusses his work directing digital humanities project Mill Marginalia Online which is digitizing the handwritten marginalia which philosopher and political economist John Stuart Mill wrote in the margins of books in his personal library. Mill's personal library is held by Somerville College, Oxford, in its own dedicated space

Meet The People Of DH: Video

Metadata for Digital Humanities: Mary Alexander

Mary Alexander, Coordinator for Metadata, Resource Acquisition and Discovery at the University Libraries at the University of Alabama discusses her role providing metadata consultation for digital humanities projects ranging from large-scale digital archive and database projects to text encoding projects using the Text Encoding Initiative.

Meet The People Of DH: Video
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