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Running a digital humanities center, I grew it from having 5 to over 140 projects in just under 4 years. It was this experience, ranging from project innovation and initiation to extensive project management, publicity, outreach, and critical path analysis, that has enabled me to write Digital Humanities for Librarians. Over the years I have provided consultation for numerous digital humanities initiatives, both at the project level and also at the institutional level, where I specialize in coming up with a strategic vision for accelerating digital humanities programs and implementation strategies to make that vision come to life.

If you are looking to begin or to grow digital humanities initiatives at your institution, I am available for consultation work and would be delighted to talk with you to share my experiences and to tailor custom-made strategic approaches with you and your team. Please contact me at for further details, it would be an honour to work with you.

Consultation: About Me
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